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It is estimated that approximately one in twenty people will stammer at some point in their lives. 


Whilst the majority of young children who start to stammer will resolve naturally, some will continue to stammer into their adult life.


There are lots of things we can do to help and to ensure that those who continue to stammer go on to lead happy, successful and fulfilled lives.

A number of websites are available offering advice, information and support:  


Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT)

The professional body for people working in or studying speech and language therapy in the UK. This website includes factsheets detailing case studies and peoples’ stories showing how speech and language therapy changes lives.  These have been translated into Welsh:

The Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP)

This website provides information and a contact point for members of the public looking for an independent speech and language therapist.  By entering your postcode, you can search for a nearby therapist who suits your individual needs:


The children’s communication charity which raises awareness of the importance of children’s communication and the impact of communication difficulties. The website provides parents/carers and practitioners with the information they need to help children develop their speech, language and communication skills. It also provides information on their Enquiry Service which is staffed by I CAN speech and language therapists:,uk

The Communication Trust

A coalition of over 50 not-for-profit organisations who work together to support those who work with children and young people in England to support their speech, language and communication development.  Resources are included for parents/carers and practitioners:


A charity that represents children and young people who have speech, language and communication needs and their families. This website provides information and training for parents and professionals, as well as a list of publications to help children and young people with speech and language impairments:

The Michael Palin Centre for Stammering

An internationally recognised centre of excellence based in London. This website provides information on the assessment and therapy services offered by the Centre, their training programme for speech and language therapists as well as their research work.  There is a useful film on the website “Wait, Wait I’m not finished yet” which features children of various ages sharing their experiences of stammering and explaining how teaching staff can help. The Centre also offers a helpline for families, young people, teachers, referrers and other professionals and staffed by a team of specialist speech and language therapists:

Action for Stammering Children (ASC)

A UK charity which aims for a society where children and young people who stammer have the same opportunities and quality of life as their peers. The charity is a key partner of the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering.  The website provides information about the work of the charity as well as useful facts and tips about stammering for individuals who stammer, their families, speech and language therapists and other professionals:

British Stammering Association, trading as Stamma since 2019

A national charity for people affected by stammering.  The website provides information and resources about stammering for individuals who stammer, their families as well as speech and language therapists and other professionals, including a range of books and DVDs which can be borrowed. There is a useful section on the impact of stammering in the workplace.  They also have a helpline which is staffed by volunteers, people who stammer and people who have worked in the field:

Stuttering Foundation

A nonprofit organisation helping those who stutter/stammer.  Stuttering Foundation provides free online resources, services and support to individuals who stammer, their families and to speech and language therapists. Their website includes comprehensive, up-to-date information on stammering through its publications, workshops, virtual learning webinars and podcasts:

International Fluency Association (IFA)

A not-for-profit, international, interdisciplinary organisation devoted to the understanding and management of fluency disorders, and to the improvement in the quality of life for people with fluency disorders. When you become a member of the IFA you have access to expert academics and speech and language therapists in the field, to the international workshops and conferences organised by the IFA, as well as copies of the Journal of Fluency Disorders:

European Fluency Specialists

This website provides parents with a list of European Fluency Specialists i.e. speech and language therapists who distinguish themselves by their in-depth knowledge and skills in assessing and treating people who stammer, and informs speech and language therapists how to become a certified European Fluency Specialist:

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