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Help for Pre-School Children who Stammer 

I offer specialist speech and language therapy for pre-school children who stammer.

Young children typically start to stammer between the ages of 2 and 4 years and it often coincides with their language developing. I know that the onset of stammering can be very worrying for both the child and their parents.   Whilst for some children it can disappear quickly, within days or months, for others it may continue for longer.

Boy an mum talking therapy speech
Boy blowing bubbles, playing, speech and language therapy, Cardiff Wales

If your child has recently started to stammer and either you or your child are worried about it, it is important to seek speech and language therapy advice as early intervention is key. There are lots we can do to help. As parents are the best people to support their child’s stammering, therapy for young children who stammer is based around you playing with your child at home and modelling helpful strategies.

You are welcome to call me for an initial discussion free of charge, with no obligation to book an appointment. We can discuss your concerns and I can let you know what I offer and what we can do to help.

Being parents of a son with a stammer can be difficult. We had no experience of dealing with it and while we panicked our son’s speech seemed to be in free fall. Then we found Alison. She immediately put us at ease and gave us basic tools that the whole family were able to use to help.

Mother of Rhys, aged 4 years

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